Scala software developer in satellite mission planning


  • Algebraic Data Types In Scala

    Object-Oriented Meets Functional

    Scala's punchline, <https://scala-lang.org/>
  • Maven Central Releases with SBT

    Coming from Haskell and Python I found releasing a Scala library a cumbersome process. The standard Maven Central archive—JCenter claims to be a more popular alternative, but all big projects appear to prefer the former—lacks a convenient web interface like that of Python’s package index or Haskell’s Hackage, and comprehensive documentation about publishing. Getting an artifact to Maven Central for the first time involves a surprising number of manual steps and a rather elaborate SBT configuration.

  • Decode irregular JSON with Circe

    Decode irregular JSON from Jenkins with Circe and Shapeless.
  • Emacs script pitfalls

    Emacs isn’t just an editor, it’s an entire Emacs Lisp interpreter and environment. We can use Emacs Lisp not only to extend and customize our beloved editor, but also to write entire programs and applications. Nic Ferrier’s elnode server is the most ambitious Emacs Lisp application of this sort, but we can start at a smaller scale and try to write our shell scripts and tools with Emacs Lisp.

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