I’m Sebastian (aka “lunaryorn”).

I write software for satellite mission planning in Scala and Akka for a living, and play with Rust in my free time. I really like Scala and Rust, and I believe that type systems are here to help us—I love powerful type systems, and I like to use types to make my code correct by construction.

In this blog I write about

  • Scala,
  • types and functional programming,
  • and things I like about programming or I’m doing right now.

If you come by Munich and would like to chat, please write me a mail and we’ll meet!

I’m on Github and StackOverflow, and also on LinkedIn if you’re a recruiter. You can reach me by mail to sebastian@swsnr.de. I don’t have comments on this blog, but I answer mails :)

About this site

The static site generator Hugo generates HTML from the content of this site. Uberspace hosts the site with a TLS certificate from Let’s Encrypt; a custom script builds it in regular intervals.

I use the Vollkorn font for all body text, and Iosevka in Pragmata Pro Style (stylistic set ss08) with a variant of the Solarized colour scheme for code blocks.

The Vollkorn and Iosevka fonts are subject to their respective licenses:

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