sudo fish

Over the last week I setup a Linux VM alongside my current work—I needed decent docker support and also I got somewhat fed up with Windows as a development system.

Setting up a new system means I got to use sudo a lot, but often I typed a command line and only then realized I had to use sudo. So I added a new editor binding to my ~/.config/fish/functions/

function fish_user_key_bindings

    # Prepend sudo to the command line with M-s
    bind \es sudo-commandline

~/.config/fish/functions/ looks like this:

function sudo-commandline -d "Insert sudo at the beginning of the command line"
    set -l cmdline (commandline)
    commandline -r -- "sudo $cmdline"

Now I can just type Alt-S in Fish shell and I get sudo prepended to my current input. A small thing, but it already saved me a lot of frustration!