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  • SOAP, a convenient interface
    Published Jan 9, 2018. In categories: thoughts

    Last week we got a big PDF with documentation about the almost-but-not-quite-entirely-unlike-REST HTTP API of an external partner. In the section about restrictions of their HTTP API:

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  • Amazing SBT
    Published Nov 11, 2017. In categories: scala, thoughts

    SBT—Scala’s almighty build tool—continues to amaze me, both, with the amount of WTFs delivered to me, and with the sheer power it puts in my hands. Sometimes I feel like I don’t understand what’s going on at all, and then I find myself writing SBT plugins to automate complex tasks across our build and test infrastructure in a breeze. I curse at SBT when I have to explain how SBT works to my peers, and I love SBT because more than other build tools I know it helps me automate all aspects of project life cycles, even non-trivial tasks in proprietary infrastructures.

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  • My mistakes with React and Redux
    Published Apr 6, 2017. In categories: thoughts

    Web Frontend Development. Loathe it or like it. I can’t say that I like it but with React and Redux a bit more than I used to. All is not gold that glitters, though, the React stack being no exception, and there’s indeed much that we did wrong in our React application. This post is my personal top three of React mistakes:

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  • I wished GNU Emacs had…
    Published Jul 19, 2016. In categories: emacs, thoughts

    An open letter to the GNU Emacs developers.

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